Puppetarium Theatre 

Frog Prince

   The Frog Prince 


 Year Round Favorites 

The Frog Prince  - New Puppet Musical- A young Princess learns to keep her promise. 

(Premiere was at the Hans Christian Anderson Statue in Central Park, NYC), April 27, 2008) 

The Little Woodcutter - A brave wood cutter runs out of wood and energy

 and is helped by his family and secret helper- original songs. 

The Magic Porridge Pot  - When enough becomes too much!

William Goes Fishing  - A small pond reveals a big surprise.

The Secret Gift - A young prince leaves the palace to find adventure and the meaning of life.  

Clown’s Work - What happens to the Clown Family the big tent closes? 

Magic Planet  - William and Emily take a trip to Mars with the help of a wizard

Adventures of Binky Boo - Clown family with their mischievous dog.

Faust in Silicon Valley  - the ancient story of power and temptation in a modern setting- age 10 and over-

large show with five puppeteers. 

Cinderella  A kind blue rat helps out.  Two versions:

1. two puppeteers and music

2. Five puppeteers; full operetta as performed in Mendocino, CA.

  Holiday Shows

The Journey of X-xever – A lost toy makes a journey to the North Pole.

A Christmas Carol - Interactive Scrooge with story telling and songs. 



Coming Shows!

Grandfather Clown goes Green!  He  secretly remodels his Model T Ford.

The Three Billy Goats Gruff- Action-packed Goat Drama - new music!

Jack in the Beanstalk- A new musical version is full of beans, magic, and courage as Jack conquers the Beanstalk.

All shows have original music by Katrina Cameron

   Duncan & Katrina Cameron     

     Tel  & Fax  (609) 924-1064